Wednesday, December 09, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

Except, I'm not Dreaming!
We got over 17 inches of snow last night and today it's blowing like crazy.
This was the view out my dining area window ~ looking out to the chicken barn in my back yard, this morning.  If you look closely, you can see the huge overhang of snow hanging off the roof out  the top windows. 

The window in my bathroom looks out over the back pasture.  The snow was plastered against that side of the house.  I truly felt "snowed in".

Bella was a little nervous about the snow piled higher than the door knob on the door to the back yard from the garage!

As I walked out to check on the sheep, it looked like they were pretty well snowed in as well!

The reality was there is a big drift in front of their barn but the snow was all blown away by the door and around the right side of the building.  Lucky sheep!

I only trudged out to Zorro's breeding group because Dream and her friends were all in the Big Barn and had plenty of hay for another day.
And it's REALLY cold out there!

The breeding group is still getting GRASS CLIPPINGS  that I saved from last summer.  They LOVE them!

Dilemma says...

"Uh-huh.  Yup.  That's right, we DO!"

I hope that everyone is safe and warm, where ever you are!
Tomorrow ~ DREAM in the snow...


  1. It's beautiful, but I'm glad it's there and not here! It was 7 degrees this morning, and the air is extremely dry. Can you say "static"? The animals are not appreciating my touch so much! (Ha! My word verification is "expels." Precisely what my zapping touch does to the critters!)

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Good Morning Nancy,
    That is more snow than I have seen in a lifetime here!
    It was 79 degrees here yesterday but suppose to be a lot cooler today.

    The pictures of the snow are pretty.

    Could you please email me at

  3. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I should have added it is good news! Like maybe a 3 hole bantam nest box???

  4. OO OO OO!!! Did you win mom!?!?

  5. No. I didn't win.

    But, something even BETTER! ;-)

    I'm working on a new post right now....

  6. Okay I can't wait to see your next post... you cruel hanger of cliffs, you!

  7. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Hi Nancy!

    I love the pictures! I was wondering how much snow you got in the valley. By the looks of it you got just as much as we did on the ridge!!! Can you believe I actually drove to work Wednesday morning? I drove 30 mph and only saw one other car on the way! How are things going? I hope you got my email a few days ago. My ace e-mail account has been off and on this week so I wanted to make sure it came through. Take care and stay warm! Hope to hear from you soon so we can get together. I can't wait to hear about...well, everything!!!

    Love, Sandie :-)



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