Saturday, May 07, 2011

Behinder and behinder ~
Maybe NOT...

Getting caught up on anything seems beyond my grasp at this point.  I am feeling worse than usual today and suspect I shall spend most of the time in bed.  Which my doctors, sister and daughter prefer anyway.   ;-)

I think what I may do is just make regular lamb updates with photos.  There may or may not be words to accompany the pictures but I'll try to put in enough commentary to let you know at least who the photos are of.  If you enjoy lamb photos, check back often because I may post more than once a day...I've got LOTS  of lamb pictures...

Alice's long-awaited twins:
My poor Lady! 
Both of these boys are BIG!  I'd say each one is close to or over 8 pounds! 
 Look at the huge horn buds on "Tanqueray"

 He also has the tan stockings and tail (phaeomelanin) as does Godiva's little white girl.  This must come from the Sire  (BC Polar Bear) as I've never had a white lamb born with it before. 

I can't even imagine what a WHITE Alice son will grow up to look like!

But I'll bet it's going to be GOOD!

The first time I saw him, "Don Perignon" almost took my breath away!  Even from a distance, it was obvious that this lamb is Ag (the gene which causes a black lamb to turn grey or a morrit lamb to turn musket).  I was praying that this incredible lamb ~ who, still covered with birthing fluids, had such a presence and air of elegance and regality around him ~  was a black based girl.  

It's hard to be too disappointed when one has a ram lamb this awesome!  I've never had an Ag lamb born showing so much of the mature coloring but it sure is beautiful.

Don Perignon meeting  "Razz Ma Taz"

His conformation is incredible!
I should not be surprised by this ~ seeing he is an Alice ram lamb ~ but I am absolutely in awe of this guy.

I think that Alice agrees:


  1. Little cuties! Sorry they're both rams. The Gotlands are often born with the grey showing through. They seem to get lighter as adults than the ones born black.

  2. Nancy,
    I'm getting behinder and behinder and I'm not even suffering through what you are! Please do rest as much as you can, as your body needs that to heal. Alice's boys are lovely--even if they are boys. The little musket is quite eye catching.

  3. I'm not too disappointed in Alice's lambs being boys. Although I would have been thrilled with a grey ewe lamb from her. The truth is, I don't need to be keeping any more girls anyway! With the kind of quality that they possess, I don't anticipate having any trouble finding good homes for Alice's boys. In fact, Don Perignon is already sold (pending horn development of course)!

  4. Don't worry about catching up. The only thing you need to do is get well. ♥
    If you feel like posting, we will enjoy the pictures. If you don't, we will certainly understand. :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you! ♥

  5. Definitely get that rest in! With your wonderful kids and all the lovely lambs, I know you'll have a great Mother's Day. And if you rest enough today and tonight, you should feel better tomorrow!!

    Stunning new lambs. Congratulations, Alice.

    Nancy in Iowa

  6. I know how hard it is to get your rest when you have so much going on--But I hope you're finding some 'down time' and are getting your rest!! Take care!!

    Happy Mother's Day to you and the Ewe's! :-))

  7. Sorry I have missed your posts but as I scan through them I see some cute lambs! Hope all is getting better for you and the lambs lift your spirits!

  8. It's pretty obvious that these animals are what give you a reason for living. Your love of them comes through in your writing.
    Let go of what you can, but take large doses of lambs and their moms. It seems this medicine is the best for you.
    Take care....



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