Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dilema's twins...

I woke up this morning and went right out to check on the sheep.  I was greeted by TWO new sets of twins.  All four babies are HST!

The babies are gorgeous.  The proud Mamas are Dilema (who's lambs are pictured in this post)and Dazzle (I had hoped to post hers today too but it's already after six o'clock!)  Oh yes, I forgot to mention that after I got the new moms and lambs situated, I went back to bed.  Until after noon!  The day seems to have been rather short...

Any way!  On to the photos...
These are Dilema's twins:

Awesome, crimpy fleece. 
 Great markings. 
Super conformation. 

How can I possibly not keep them all?????

My dear friend, Katie, just brought me my pain pills.  Time for a nap.  I'll post Dazzle's twins tomorrow.
Alice looks like she may be in early labor!


  1. They are beautiful! It would be very difficult for me to re-home any of these litte darlings!

  2. *GASP*!! They are GORGEOUS!!! Gimme gimme!!

  3. Oh how sweet, love the panda bear markings...OK I am having a moment, what is HST?

    Enjoy your nap and get well soon

    Blessings Kelsie

  4. No 'moment' Kelsie! HST is shorthand for describing a solid colored sheep with white on the Head, S ocks and Tail. I've been breeding for them for years...

  5. Nancy, I may not know anything about sheep, but I do know cute 'n precious, and that's what they are!!!! They look like little toys!!!

    Hope YOU are doing well!!!

  6. Love those lil' panda bear faces...

  7. Such beautiful babies. How lucky you are to have this experience.
    Take your pain pills and get plenty of rest.
    I wish Alice an easy delivery....

  8. Those two girls really have the HST thing down pat! You might have a tough time telling who's who if the rest of the flock keeps this up. Congrats on the lambs Nancy, and take care of yourself.

  9. Hi Nancy,
    Just wanted to say I'm glad you are home, and am so sorry for all the troubles you have had lately. Of course 'everything' had to go crazy during springtime and lambing! It sounds like you have been blessed with some wonderful people helping you out. The lambs are lovely as usual and the girls are doing you proud!



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