Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tuesday's lambs...

We're falling behind here!
Yesterday you met Dilema's beautiful babies.  Today, I'll introduce you to my golden girl's flashy boys.  Yes, Dazzle had two, incredibly beautiful HST ram lambs...

I am thrilled to see that one of those handsome dudes is "Mioget", like his mom.

"Bluff Country Captian Morgan" will grow up to have the same golden colored fleece that his beautiful mom, Dazzle has. 

"Bluff Country Jim Beam" on the other hand, will be a striking, black & white, HST ram.

Did I hear someone say that they love the "panda faces"???

Jim Beam

and Captian Morgan

have got you covered!

Both of these boys have not only gorgeous markings, but their fleece looks very uniformly crimpy and fine.  I am SO thrilled with the quality of lambs that my breeding program is producing!

Do you like the 'cocktail' theme for ram lambs?   I also named Dilema's HST ram lamb "Jack Danials".  Just wait until you meet Alice's two, tall drinks of water!


  1. wow!! very cute!! im jealous! a mioget HST RAM!! :) congrats cant wait to see alice's!

  2. Congratulations... beautiful ram lambs... you must be so pleased!

  3. Kelly N11:59 AM

    you will need a Jameson (hubby's favorite Irish Whiskey).

  4. Thanks Mac and Sheeps & Peeps ~ I am totally ecstatic that Dazzle gave me a great looking MIOGET,HST ram lamb!

    Kelly ~ I like "Jameson"! It also made me think of "Baily"s. Katie suggested "Margarita" for a girl. I like that as well. I need a real classy/expensive brand (Scotch?) for Alice's boys...

  5. Beautiful lambs! I do not suppose Captian Morgan is for sale? If so, I am interested.

  6. Love the 'spectacles' - so cute!! And what a smile that little Jim Beam has!!

  7. Captain Morgan is a DOLL!!!

  8. I love Dazzle's color, she's always stood out to me, so I bet Morgan will be amazing,but his brother wins Best Panda face! Dazzle did well.
    For names, I thought of Johnny Walker for a pretty well known name of Scotch-Whiskey, and Carter, who is a Scotch conneisseuer recommended Ole Grand Dad and Red Stag

  9. I still haven't learned all the terms for sheep colors/textures, etc. that you have tried to teach us non-sheep people, but I do know they are beautiful! Such adorable little creatures must brighten your days!

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. Jim Beam looks like he has a turtle neck on! What a beautiful pair.

  11. They're so cute!

    My boyfriend's favourite single malt is Dalwhinnie. That could work for a name ...

    Hey, there's a distillery in the Shetland isles!

  12. Kelly N11:50 AM

  13. Kelly N11:53 AM

    Courvoisier is a very pricey alcohol from what I hear. It seems to be a Cognac

  14. They are adorable!! The second photo down, with Captain Morgan reminds me a lot of a photo back in your blog posts of newborn Dazzle hersef!!

  15. Congratulations Nancy. Both boys are very handsome (and flashy). I like the theme this year too for names :)



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