Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lambs at play...

Always under Mom's watchful eyes.
Dilema with Brandy, Jack Daniel;'s & Jim Beam.

The ewes were thrilled to be turned out to fresh pasture and the lambs LOVE playing on the old stump!

'Captain Morgan' & 'Jack Daniels'

Alice's boys enjoying a snack on the playground.

('Tanqueray' and 'Dom Perignon')
Life is easy when you're a lamb!

My little "Karma"
(named before I started the cocktail theme)
is a bit on the unfriendly side...

Give me time...

I'll make a pet out of her yet!
Both of her brothers are friendly.
Here's "Bacardi"

and "Angus"
(also named before I decided to use drinks as a theme)

'Dom Perignon' is a real sweetheart!

After a busy afternoon of playing,
('Jack Daniels'  and 'Captain Morgan')

It's time

('Tanqueray'  & 'Dom Perignon')

(Brandy and Jim Beam)


and time for me to go sit with my sheep and take more pictures!
My Beautiful Baby Girl is here and we're having a wonderful visit!!!



  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    How precious -- I need a scorecard -- who belongs to whom -- and who is left to lamb yet?


  2. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    Please tell Godiva, Raz, and Mia that we sold our house today. Russ and I will be moved by late June 24, our closing date. Godiva and Mia Blanca and Raz + whoever we buy don't have to move until late August or September...but she should know so she can plan ahead.

    Speaking of planning, when will you be shearing? Our pet sitter Jessie wants to come with me and help with shearing this year. She will be excellent help. Her day off from working at the vet's is Wednesday if that helps any with scheduling...

    Take good care of yourself and I'm so glad you and your BBG are enjoying a good visit!

    Terry :>)

  3. Hi Nancy!! I drove past a field where there were sheep yesterday and almost drove off the road looking at the lambs! I think I need a friend like you nearby so I won't do that again! :-))

  4. That's a good idea for a post, Jean. Showing each sire & the dam for each lamb. I'll work on that!

    Terry ~ YOU CAN'T MOVE!!!
    You're going to move "in a year or two" when you and Russ retire....

    How fun it would be to be your neighbor Kim!

  5. What is it about lambs? They are so beautiful.
    I wish I could join you out there taking pictures and sitting with them.
    I love all their names.

  6. Love, love the pictures of the lambs napping on the stumps. So innocent looking. I'm getting my lambie fix through every one else's blogs this year. :-)

  7. Always adorable, Nancy. Love little Tanqueray licking his lips! Too cute!



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