Sunday, May 01, 2011

Godiva's Twins...

Their first time out of the jug.

Twin ewe lambs!

Terry (Godiva's owner) will keep the white one ~ which she has named "Mia Blanca" (Italian for "My White").  Terry was hoping for a white ewe lamb.  I LOVE the name Mia Blanca!

For their first time out of the jug, these girls were quite adventurous and the little moorit was especially 'bouncy'.   

Godiva introduces her girls to their sire:
"Bluff Country Polar Bear" 

Mia Blanca has tan socks and tan hearts on her knees! 

Her sister (I'm calling her "Flame" ~ short for Eternal Flame because the feathery smirslet markings on her head remind me of flames dancing ) is a real sweety who loves to be petted....

Terry (Godiva's owner) somehow got the silly idea in her head that she and her husband are going to retire and move 'up north' to their retirement farm.  And take Godiva and her babies with them!

I'm not so sure I can let them go...


Who ever said "you can't keep them all"?  
And who made them boss???


  1. Just gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing these lovely creatures.

  2. Anonymous6:35 PM


    Jean -MN

  3. Congratulations Terri! Sounds like living the dream to me. Is it too early for me to retire and move up north? I just had another birthday! I think I'm ready :)

  4. Another cold Sunday that's warmed by the sweetness of those precious lambs!

    I don't know who made the rule about not being able to keep all of them, but I think we need to find out, and I think we could take 'em down amd make them change their minds! :-)))

    Hope you're doing well my friend!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh what gorgeous gals...really enjoyed all these their names too.

    Blessings Kelsie

  6. What beautiful babies!! I can see where it would be hard to let them go. so glad you are home to enjoy them.

  7. Hope you're doing well and able to enjoy all the lambs. Keep us posted on your continuing recovery. :)

  8. It's always so fun to watch them venture out of the jug. Glad to see life is happy on your farm!

  9. Gorgeous twins. I don't agree with whoever said that we can't keep them all either!

  10. Oh, cute cute and cuter!



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