Thursday, January 19, 2012

Having Fun with Fiber!

I promised I would share some of my recent fiber exploits.  Somehow, in between cleaning up dog disasaters, training dogs, hauling dogs to the vet, giving medication, vacuuming up dog hair, letting dogs out, bringing dogs in and separating jealous canines when the tension gets a bit too high, I've found time to SPIN...

I'm currently working on some white Shetland/kid mohair roving from my Shetland sheep and Mc Steamy, the white Angora goat wether that I used to own.  It is heaven to spin!

I'm using my "Roberta" electronic spinner.  The truth is, I haven't used my treadle wheel since I bought the Roberta!

"Betty" just spins so much faster and effortlessly than a treadle wheel.  And I can sit back comfortably on the couch while I spin!

I'm in love with the soft, shimmery yarn this roving is making!

This is a damp skein, drying in the sunshine, on the back of one of my dining room chairs.

Heck, I think it even makes pretty pictures!

I've been pre-drafting roving in the morning, spinning in the afternoon (better light) and KNITTING in the evening...

This is a pair of socks that I'm making for my baby Sister, Penny.  It's a Thank You gift for all that she did for me (and my animals) when I was so sick last year.

I would have knit her anything but she wanted wool socks!
This is the first pair that I've made using double pointed needles.

Jill (who is feeling MUCH better!) supervises.

The socks are NOT knit from the yarn I'm currently spinning.  They're from a bulkier, musket yarn that I spun months ago.

I'm going to use the white yarn that I'm spinning as part of these:

And this:

They're the "Drifty" mittens and hat patterns by  Mandy Powers on Ravelry.  Click on either image to take you to the pattern!

What are YOU working on???

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