Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Riding the Rollercoaster with Jill...

In my latest Facebook update, I was cautiously celebrating the improvement in Jill's health. 

Unfortunately, as I had feared, the next day Jill seemed worse again.  In the morning, she wouldn't even get off my bed to go outside.  I offered her food (drizzled with bacon grease) right on my bed but she wasn't interested.

Since Jill wasn't even tempted by her food, I had to force-feed her the pain pill that I give her every morning.  Within a half-hour to an hour, she had eaten all her food and wanted to go outside.

Yesterday was a much better day. 
 Jill was still miserable first thing in the morning,

but she ate her breakfast and by noon was clearly feeling better than she has in quite some time!
Here she's shown, trotting off to the pasture with BoGo!

Of course, it almost goes without saying that this morning, Jill doesn't want her breakfast nor will she get up to go outside.

The good news is, Jill does seem to be slowly improving.  Even her bad days are not as bad as they were a week ago.  And on  her good days, I have to intervene to keep her from overdoing things in her celebrations of feeling better!  I will be speaking with the vet again today to see about getting a few more of the pain pills.  Jill only gets a half a tablet, once a day but it really does seem to make a huge difference in how she feels.

While I'm finally posting on here, I want to say a big THANK YOU to the generous folks who have reached into their hearts and their pocketbooks to help fund the added expenses that Jill's illness have brought about.  Many of the people who have donated are actually in the 'dog rescue world' themselves yet still reach out to help others.   What an incredibly kind and generous group of people they are!  Several people have contacted me for my address as they are not comfortable donating on-line.  I've added my snail-mail address to my ChipIn page for those who prefer to send checks. 

Later:  Updates on Spinning and Knitting progress!
Yes, I still am keeping up with my fiber arts!


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