Saturday, January 07, 2012

Live and learn...

I was not exactly in the mood to film a cute little video like this:

...when I walked in my front door after visiting 'Doc' for a couple of hours  last night.  But I did manage to take a few photos before staying up until  three o'clock in the morning, cleaning up the mess:

That WAS two large bags of roving that I recently paid to have processed!  One of which was a beautiful, honey-gold, mioget color and one black.  In the forefront is the plastic bag that contained one of the batches.

If you look closely, you can see my purse (rust colored) on the left/top side of the photo.  My billfold was destroyed and there was change scattered throughout the house.  They must have played catch with it!  The bright orange object next to my purse is/WAS a cone of CASHMERE, laceweight yarn. .  There are also two DOG TOYS  laying near the mess.

A third bag of (white) roving was laying in the hallway.

What was left of a pair of sunglasses and a roll of toilet paper!

I got everything picked up and the roving separated back into the individual colors as best I could before crashing on the couch so that I could sleep near Jill.  She  was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday and I want to keep a close eye on her breathing until I know that she's through the worst of it.  Jill is the only one that I know for sure did not partake in destroying my house.  She was too weak to get off the love-seat!   I suspect that BoGo was the bandleader but can't know for sure.  

The dogs let me sleep 'till 10:30 this morning (my couch is pretty comfy!) and I vacuumed as soon as I got up.  One would never even know that there are four dogs who are all lucky they aren't back in the POUND!

Ooops!  I forgot to put my pillow away.

I hope your weekend got off to a better start than mine!


(the reality is, it is MY fault.  I should have put BoGo in a crate as I knew he tends to chew stuff up if I leave him alone.  Thank goodness I put away my books and knitting before I left the house!)

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