Sunday, January 29, 2012

I do believe that BOGO WINS...

I went shopping yesterday.
I found this adorable dog-bed on clearance at TJ Max.
Isn't it adorable?
Bogo sure thought so.
He immediately claimed it as his!

Of course, the very moment that Bogo left the bed to go see what someone else was up to, somewhere else in the house...

JAKE hopped in and made himself comfortable!

I'm glad that the dogs like the bed.

But this could become a problem!

Fortunately for Bogo, he became the very first dog, rescued by Bluff Country Canine Rescue, to be placed in a Foster Home today!  A wonderful couple came to my house this morning and met all of the dogs.  They have a young, female lab cross, that they got through a rescue a while ago and decided that they would like to help another dog in need.  Well, this couple's children are all grown so it's just the two of them and their pup in their home.  Things are SO crazy around my place with six dogs bouncing around, that it's no wonder they were attracted to  Bogo, who  stood out by being so quiet and calm and well mannered.  (not that Cisco was climbing the walls or anything!)

Pam and Jeff (and "Java" the lab pup) will be giving Bogo a whole new experience of being loved and socialized in a somewhat more "normal" setting.  Bogo will receive one on one care and training that is almost impossible for me to do here, with so many dogs!  The goal is to help Bogo reach the point where he is socially ready to be the BEST house-dog possible so that he is ready to go when his "Forever" home comes looking for him...

I will be staying in close contact with Bogo's foster parents and will still be promoting him as an 'adoptable dog'.  Please send some extra prayers his way asking that this be a positive experience for Bogo and his new foster family and moves him one step closer to 'Forever'!

Thank you Pam & Jeff Key for giving this big, gentle guy a chance at a better life!

Jill says...

"Silly boys! 
You wouldn't catch ME sleeping on no dog-bed, on the FLOOR!"

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