Friday, February 03, 2012

Cabin Fever...

It's been cloudy, foggy, unseasonably warm (which means MUDDY) and dreary in the Bluff Country this week.  Which means the dogs are spending an inordinate amount of time  In.  The. House.
 Jill and Cisco don't seem to mind at all!
Please don't look at my carpet...

Jill may (or may NOT be blind ~ I'm quite sure her vision is returning!) but she is still one, tough pup!

Either that or Cisco is a WUSS!

Which of course, he is NOT!

He may be a pretzel contortion artist, but he is not a wuss!

And sometimes Jill even lets him win Cisco  even WINS!


Jake is THINKING about joining in the fun...


"He he he he he..."

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