Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Back to Winter...

Cold weather has returned to the Bluff Country!



The ewe lambs (coming yearlings) don't mind one bit.  In fact, I can't even lure them into their barn with food!  They prefer to eat (and sleep) outside!   I've never been one to shut my sheep in so trust their judgement as far as shelter goes as they have free access to a barn and to a large, round calf-hut.

I do believe that their luxuriously thick, soft wool does a fine job of keeping them comfortable!

I know that I sure enjoyed burying my hands in it when I sat out with the girls for a while the other day.

I am ashamed to say that I'd almost forgotten how incredibly good for my soul sitting with sheep is!  It was exactly what I needed after all the stress and worry of the past few years weeks days!

HERO (aka Jake) UPDATE:

Hero continues to heal.  He is feeling better and it's getting more difficult to keep him from playing with the other dogs.  Fortunately, he minds VERY well...

Again, I wish to give a heart-felt THANK YOU to those of you who have pitched in with donations to help me keep Bluff Country Canine Rescue going.  When I decided to get involved in saving homeless dogs from a life of living in a cage in a shelter (if they were LUCKY!), I don't think that I realized how much time and money it would take.  Not that that would have stopped me!  I keep thinking that I'm not going to be able to keep helping these homeless dogs because of finances (I've been unemployed for over two years and am now getting by on  Disability), yet somehow, God provides.  Through caring people like YOU!

The dogs and I thank you.

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