Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stick a needle in it!

As per special request by a long-time reader and friend, I'm sharing some photos of a few needle felting projects that I am working on.  None of them are done.  Most are nowhere near complete but all are FUN! 

Nice and Easy!
This little flower will eventually become part of the blue bag that it is lying in in this picture.

NOT so Easy!
The inspiration for this doll came from a book about beautiful, sewn, cloth dolls.  I thought they were gorgeous and decided that I could needle felt them instead!

Time will tell.  They are really quite elaborate!

It has taken me several weeks (with lots of starts and stops and start-overs) to get THIS far!

Where as I started this this morning...

and it's coming a long quite quickly!
All I have left to do is some finishing work 

and then I might add a little bling!

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