Monday, February 27, 2012

Needle Felted Friends...

 I've been a busy lady!
I've almost completed my very first needle felted critters.

I still have detail work to do on the polar bear and the PIT BULL PUP is only about half done.  I've just started adding the white on him and am beginning to work on his "back half".

I have to confess:
(affectionate term for a Pitbull)

He'll be much cuter when he's done.

I think I may incorporate my Felted Friends into Fundraisers for BCCR.
The little black bear turned out pretty cute...

And the Polar Bear is FUN.
He sits or lies on his back, kicking up his feet!

I hope you like my Needle Felted Friends and that you'll consider bidding on them to help raise funds for Bluff Country Canine Rescue.

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