Sunday, February 19, 2012

2007 and 2008

Because I want to save one post for other things...

2007and 2008 were a time for endings and new beginnings...
A heavy snowstorm caused the roof of the old, abandonded (except by the rams!) barn to collapse.  The barn wasn't much, but it did provide shelter for the rams.  Plus, I LIKE old, abandoned barns!

I said a final farewell to my marriage AND to the old barn...

To make way for my new life and NEW BARN!

Of course, it was my neighbor, Julie Chapman's, fault that I got the goats.
AND the chickens!

For the first and only time in all the years that I've raised Shetlands, I lost a lamb during delivery (due to malpresentation).  Thank God it never happened again and the twin ~ a beautiful, HST ewe lamb ~ survived.

                 I made a very difficult decision to say good-bye to a Dear Canine Friend...

It was actually in Dec. of '06 that I said good-bye to PACO
I'm including it here because I didn't include it in the '06 post and it was SUCH a hard sacrifice for me!  At least he didn't die.

I've been looking through my 2008 posts, trying to find something "happy" to end this post with, and I can't find anything!    Now, THAT is sad!

This is the best I could do:

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