Saturday, October 13, 2007


OMG! They are SO adorable!!!
My new babies arrived after dark, last night, and I had to work today so I didn't even get a chance to get to know them until this afternoon. This little doll is "Meredith" She is quite timid ~ as are all three of the kids. They come from a large flock and have not been handled. Here Meredith gets brave enough to go up and introduce herself (through two fences!) to one of the Shetland ewe lambs. Yes, Terry, that IS Godiva. ;-) Meredith is a 'faded red' and I think that her fleece will blend nicely with my fawn Shetlands.

Next up, we have "Mc Dreamy". I know. I already used those names on my ram lambs! But, I sold, or am selling, those boys, and my handsome wethers are here to stay. McDreamy is the shyest of the three, but give me time.... ;-)

The boldest kid of the bunch is "Mc Steamy". He's already eating out of my hand! I'm off work tomorrow so I figure I'll have them all tamed by Monday!

DREAM says.... ..."That's the strangest looking sheep I've EVER seen!"

LOTS more pictures to follow...


  1. Nancy, they are adorable!!!

  2. I've always liked angoras, but now, after having my fine-boned little Shetlands, those "hairy" legs look so fat and messy! Congratulations on your new "fiber toys." :-)

  3. If you think they look messy now, wait until you see them in full fleece! These babies were shorn about a month ago so have quite short locks right now. But their fiber grows an inch a month! I can't wait till they're funny, little, fur-balls again!

    "Hairy" legs and all, ya gotta love those faces! And I can't wait to get my hands on some freshly shorn MOHAIR!!!

  4. Hi Nancy,

    The "kids" are too cute for words. I hope the rain stops soon so you can get out and make friends with them. I KNEW Godiva even before you said it was her, by the cute little light patch on top of her head. She is fleecing out nicely!


  5. Oh Nancy, they are over-the-top adorable! I had forgotten how cute the kids are; it makes me want to get a buck and breed, breed, breed. Unfortunately, that takes hay, hay, hay and space, space, space, and above all, money, money, money! Oh, well, I'm happy with what I have and I am sure you are, too.

    If your wethers are anything like our Bill Withers, they'll be lovebugs and their fleece will stay softer longer due to the lack of testosterone. Oh, and did you know that it takes four to five years before they are fully grown? Such fun!

    Oh, and welcome to CAGBA! I'm so happy you've expanded the family!

  6. Hi Nancy,

    These look like really high-quality angora goats! Wow! I'm impressed. You'll love their fiber. Very cool.


  7. Good "EYE", Stephen! I am very fortunate to have a VERY reputable Angora goat breeder (Spring Water Creek Farm) 10 miles down the road from me! The owner was instrumental in organizing the CAGBA (sp?) and has excellent quality animals. Not to mention: ADORABLE kids and incredible fleeces! ;-)



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