Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Tree...

*click to enlarge photos for more detail!

*I'm still sick, but I'll post some more pictures from yesterday....

For many years, the big tree, in the middle of the ewe's pasture, has been a gathering point, and a photo setting. I love the play of colors and the expressions on the ewe's faces when they are by "The Tree"... One of my all-time-favorite photos is the one that I use on my button for this blog. It's Alice napping by The Tree. Alice truly loves The Tree.Sometimes she, reluctantly, shares... Here, Zest gets a chance to snuggle with The Tree. "Hey! I like The Tree too."
Zodiak & Dream like The Tree... Even baby "Godiva" loves The Tree.

But Alice loves it best.



  1. Nancy those sheep photos are endearing. I love them! They are so sweet, I love my girls a ton too. I have a huge tree like that, but they don't love it like yours love their tree.

    Feel better soon!

  2. Thanks Garrett. I sure hope that I feel better tomorrow! I have to go back to work and I still have such a horrible headache that it hurts to talk or walk...

  3. Nancy,

    Your goats are adorable! My plan has been to have angoras along with the sheep. I will get some next year. It will be fun to follow your 'new' experience with them. I also relate to when you wrote about going to work and then spending time with your animals. We have been eating alot of Jack's pizza at our house also. No desire to cook. After work, I am trying to get something done with the animals. Or else I am just plain tuckered out. I started a blog but haven't gotten very far with it. And as for your Baby Girl..oh, I remember waiting for my son to call from boot camp. I never felt so much like a desperate mother as when I waited for those calls. I saved and replayed his voicemails. I just wanted to hear his voice to know that he was okay. My thoughts are with you, mom.

  4. What wonderful photos of your sheep and The Tree; you are such a talented photographer! I do hope you feel better soon.

  5. Nancy: what a neat post! We have a couple of favorite trees here too. I suppose the tree is beloved to the sheep about as much as the sofa is to us.

  6. Terry8:55 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    I love all the girls and their tree. I got Godiva's papers today and now I realize with her, Zest, and Alice all around the tree, it is truly a "family" tree--no pun intended, tee hee... They are lovely, lovely photos of them.

    I am concerned that you might have a nastier virus than you think and am hoping your headache is gone now. I wanted to call you tonight but was afraid I'd wake you up. Rest up.



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