Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blame Julie Chapman...

Julie is a dangerous person to have as a neighbor! Because of her, I will be getting three Angora Goats this week. Not that I'm complaining ~ they are exquisitely beautiful and the mohair will blend wonderfully with my Shetland fleeces. I'll be bringing my new friends home, next Friday.

In the meantime...Julie suggested I attend a "swap" with her today. I've never attended an animal swap and thought it would be interesting. It was!

Meet "Bruce"
Bruce ~ short for BRUCE SPRINGSTEIN is my new (and very first!) ROOSTER. I've had chickens before but only hens. It's been a few years since I've had any AND I was missing them. Of course, doesn't mean that I was intending to get any now...

But then I saw this pen of furry, fuzzy, adorable, colorful chickens. They're "Silkie crosses. According to the man that I bought them from, they are actually pure bred Silkie's but he crosses the different colors instead of only breeding white to white and red to red, etc. I know nothing about chickens but I think they're lovely! Julie's son said that they look like Rock Stars ~ hence their names...The rooster is "Bruce Springstein. The fuzzy little girl closest to Bruce is "Madonna". She's a little on the shy side but very sweet. In the middle is "Ann Margaret" ~ named while I was still thinking of naming Bruce "Elvis"! (no comments about my idea of Rock Stars!) Annie's a beautiful red head. She's already eating apple out of my hand. Farthest to the right is "Janice Joplin". She's a feisty one! Pecks at me when I try to pet her. It's amazing how they each, already, have distinct personalities. I really like chickens! Now, if I can just keep them safe from my three CATS.....

DREAM says.... ..."WAY TO GO JULIE!"


  1. Good grief! What next, girl? You sure do have the adventurous spirt going strong!! Well, it is a farm, so I guess almost anything goes.


  2. Hi, My name is Cheryl and I just want to say I'll be watching your blog to see how you fare. I am recently seperated, trying to figure out how to start over. Furiously spinning, knitting and quilting helps. I have a son in the Air Force so I know how you feel taking your daughter to start her new chapter. I pray she stays well and I applaude her choice especially in these times. She is a brave girl. So is mom.

  3. Thank you Cheryl ~ My heart goes out to you as well. It is scary, when I look back to everything that I went through since my husband (I guess I should say "ex-husband"!) first told me that he'd filed for the divorce. I do remember thinking that there was NO way that I could possibly survive, let alone keep my place, on my own. It's amazing what we can do when we have no choice....

    Hang in there lady and stay in touch!


  4. Terry8:25 PM


    Katie looks so beautiful--the haircut is very becoming. She is such a special young lady, and I will keep her in my prayers, along with my former employee and friend, Ambre, who is also starting boot camp for the Navy in Illinois at the same time Katie is. I hope they are in the same boot camp and get aquainted.

    Love your Rock Star Chickens!!!! I enjoy my daughter's "flock" a lot, too and now they have started laying cute little eggs!!!

    Will you have room for everyone with the Angora kids? I'm looking forward to meeting them--are they Julie's kids from this year?

    How's my baby Godiva doing? I think about her a lot...


  5. If I didn't have someone who would fuss at me for having too many animals, I'd probably have chickens . . . and an English Shepherd . . . and more Shetlands . . . but only one horse instead of three. But if I only had one horse he'd get lonely, so maybe I'd have to have two, or one and a miniature horse or donkey.... It's a very slippery slope, girl; watch your feed bill!

  6. Hey- congratulations for coming over to the "dark side". Chickens are a blast - and pretty functional. They can free-range for their food, and if you let them in with the sheep, they help keep down parasites (naturally), and the eggs....umm, umm. You'll see...

  7. Terry8:51 PM


    Is your new barn built yet for all these new animals?

  8. I will be curious to see how it goes for you with the chickens and goats! My plan is also to get chicken and Angoras but we need a new pole barn first. Meanwhile, I have my little flock of sheep and llamas. I really do need to meet Julie! Before you know it, perhaps you will have a llama or two...

  9. Bluff Country is beginning to resemble Rancho Laurena (except for the whole green versus desert thing that is). Next you need turkeys, best eggs I have ever eaten! Plus the toms are so much fun to watch preen and pose. Now if I could make my sheep as pretty as yours!

  10. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I'll pass on the Llamas, thank you very much! I did consider Turkeys ~ along with Peacocks, Guineas, Pheasants and miniature donkeys. I decided to keep it L I T T L E . Little animals and little POOPS! I think, once my goats arrive (in two more days!) I'll be satisfied.

    It has occurred to me that I am "filling my *empty nest*....

    I'm missing my BBG



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