Friday, October 05, 2007

New Beginnings...

My Beautiful Baby Girl has gone. I drove her to Albert Lee, MN., on Tuesday morning, to meet her Naval Recruiter, who escorted her to Des Moines, IA., where she would spend the night and then catch a plane for "Boot Camp" in Illinois, on Wednesday. She was brave. I took the above photo as I was driving down the Interstate, taking my baby girl to Albert Lee. Doesn't she look pretty? She had to get her long hair cut, for boot camp and I was happy for her that it turned out so cute. I figure she's going to have a rough enough time in the next few weeks that she doesn't have to be hating her hair too!

Katie was "ready" to go. She's excited about starting a new path and working towards her future. She had originally planned on going to Grad-school at Berkley after graduating from UW-Madison in 2005, but her dad (my previous husband) suffered a progressive medical condition that cost him his life, last year, and she moved back 'home' to take care of him ~ giving up her well laid plans for her future. Thank heaven that Katie's big sister, Pam, helped with much of the care required for seeing to it that their Dad was kept safe his final months. This was not easy for Pam either, as she's a busy wife and mother of 3 young boys and also works full time! Katie found it hard to get back 'on track' having been out of school and the full-time work force (being her dad's guardian made it difficult for her to work full-time, because she never knew when he would need her assistance. She was frustrated and her self confidence was waning. She chose going into the Navy, on track for being an Intelligence Officer, as her way of getting her life back on a positive track. Katie stayed with me, for the last two months. She's been here since my divorce became final and since I purchased my home. She truly helped me to begin again. I'm going to miss her but I am so happy that she has this opportunity!
Katie with her recruiter

I'm very proud of my Beautiful Baby Girl (just as I am of her big sister and her big brother. I truly feel that the world will be a safer place with her working to make it so.

Please say a prayer for Katie ~ or wave your knitting needles ~ or whatever it is you do when you want to wish good things for someone. She's paid her dues and continues to pay them and I really, Really, REALLY want her to be happy and safe.

There she goes! Katie climbing into the car with her recruiter.

I miss my Beautiful Baby Girl but I know that she made the right decision and I'll be fine. I actually LIKE living alone and I'm settling back into a routine. Well, I'm TRYING to get into a routine! Time management is NOT one of my stronger skills. Katie left little notes, all over the house for me. I find them when I least expect to. There was one on the pizza in the freezer, last night! It said: "I am not a vegetable". (KT is a vegetarian and I eat sausage & pepperonni pizza) There was one on the bookshelf in my office that complimented me on what a good job I'm doing of keeping my office clean...My baby girl is still with me....

BELLA says.... ...."I miss Katie too! She took Sadie and I for long walks and runs all the time..."


  1. Nancy - we wish Katie all the very best in her new adventure. I'm sure this will be wonderful for her. I have a cousin in the US Marines - and he loves it. My daughter is in the Canadian Forces Reserves - and she says it's fantastic. It is so wonderful to see the young people now that are so willing to serve their countries. You should be very proud of her, she sounds like a wonderful
    young lady.

  2. Thank you Tammy. Katie really IS a wonderful young woman and I know that she'll be OK....I just hate the thought of people being "mean" to her at boot camp! She's been through so much ~ I just want her to be happy and feel good about herself.

  3. Nancy, I shall count myself blessed to have Katie helping to keep the tourch of freedom lit. She will make many life-long friends in the military and when she's my age, she will be able to look back (as I do) and know she did her part to both keep us free and give others a chance to be free as well. The next time you talk to her, please tell her that we here at Sheep Thrills say, "Thank You!" --- that is if a Navy person will accept said thanks from retired Army people. :)
    And if you ever need to talk I've been through what she'll be going through - just give me a call anytime!

    You never understand how wonderful it is, in this country, to have the ability to speak your mind and heart. You never understand it until you see countries where people are killed for trying to do the very same thing. I may not agree with everyone, but I sure believe in everyone's right to say what they want. You must be very proud of your daughter.

  4. Nancy,

    My son has been in the Marine Corps. for five years now, twice in Iraq. As a mom, there have been many nights of saying the Serenity Prayer as I fall off to sleep... However, he has grown to be quite the young man and we are quite proud of him. The Corps has been a good thing for him. I wish your daughter well.

  5. Oh, I am feeling for you my friend. Can you feel me praying and waving my knitting needles simultaneously? (I'm coordinated that way.) Keep that chin up ane best of luck to your beautiful baby girl.

  6. I got a box from UPS yesterday. It contained Katie's "personal effects"! I felt like she had DIED! Apparently she is not allowed to keep anything of her own, at boot camp. Not even her own toothbrush or deodorant! My poor baby! She must feel SO isolated.....

  7. Katie seemed like she was well prepared mentally for her new adventure. The trading of clothes and toiletries probably upset you more than her. It is hard for you as a mom, but I think she will do great and I'm sure she is making friends that she will have forever. She is so friendly that I cannot imagine her being isolated. Chin up, mom!



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