Friday, October 12, 2007

Waiting for my KIDS......

Not THOSE kids. (although, I did finally get a letter from Katie & she's hanging in there!) I'm waiting for my ANGORA GOAT KIDS. They're being delivered here tonight. Supposedly at 6:30. Which was about a half-hour ago. Not that I'm noticing...

In the meantime: I went out to take pictures of my sheep and chickens this afternoon ~ figuring they'll probably be a bit neglected for a couple of days. I'll respond to some of the comments left on yesterday's post on Sunday ~ that's my next day off. But, speaking of Shaela...I've been noticing a spot on Gemini's back that keeps getting lighter and lighter. I think it's what some breeders refer to as a "moon spot". I decided that I wanted to get a good, close look at it today. Gemini had other ideas! When I held her and parted the fleece, I was stunned to see what looks like a SHAELA (or EMSKET) spot. I'm going to post to the main Shetland List and see if anyone else has seen this in their moon-spotted Shetlands. It'll be interesting to watach it as Gemini matures. Oh, that's right: I'm not keeping Gemini. I've got her mother (Zodiak) and her sister (Dream), so Gemini will be for sale. That's what I was going to take pictures of! My "FOR SALE" sheep! Gemini & Bella (the black ewe lamb ~ NOT the puppy!!) are both for sale. Both are Paco daughters and would make an excellent cross with McSteamy or Dynasty (both of whom are also for sale!) I REALLY need to update my "Breeding Stock For Sale" blog....

THEY'RE HERE!!! Kid pictures tomorrow!



  1. HI Nancy,

    Yes, that's what I call moon spotting. It's kind of cool isn't it? It isn't a true spot (I don't think) because spots are always white and moon spotting seems to be more of a "modified" color.


  2. Nancy.

    Congrats on your moonspotting!

    I have it only in my browns so cannot tell you what it looks like on black. I had it on my mioget ram (the spot was a cream color) and it was noticeable at birth, at shearing and in full fleece.

    A moorit ewe, and her half sister both have moonspotting as well. The older ewe (yearling) has a quite large moonspot on her shoulder. She is a dark moorit and her spot looks very creamy. I have the full fleece yet and want to send you the 'moonspot' and some of her normal fleece to see it!

    Her half sister is a regular moorit and her moonspot was alreayd showing at a few weeks old (not at birth this time) and it is quite obvious now at 6 months old and its only a quarter size. I'm going to send you photos of the two yearlings after shearnig with their moonspotting.

    I HOPE I get some moonspotting in my blacks next year!!



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