Monday, October 08, 2007

Eggs and a Wake Up Call....

I've had chickens (hens) before and I know how wonderful fresh laid eggs are compared to store bought eggs. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found a fresh egg in the cage that I put my new chickens in yesterday ~ only hours after I brought them home to the Bluff Country! And there was another one today! I love chickens. ;-)

At 6:30 this morning. I heard a sound that I have never heard before, in my own yard..."Cock-A-Doodle-DO"! My very own rooster crowing! The dogs started barking ~ they've never heard it before either. Bruce crowed for about 10 minutes and I kept telling him what a good bird he is. I love chickens...

DREAM says.... ..."They look pretty scrawny to me and I could sure do without all the noise at the break of dawn!"


  1. Congratulations on your first eggs Nancy. Your chickens are cute, I like Madonna the best.
    Did anyone mention to you that Silkies are the broodiest hens you're ever going to meet? They usually lay eggs for about three-four weeks and then they want to go broody (hatch out said eggs - yes, even if you've taken them away). This occurs any time of year. But the good news is there's nothing like coming home in a December snowstorm to a batch of peeping chicks. :-)

  2. The guy I bought them from did say that Silkies are very broody. He uses his to hatch out his Guinea eggs! Madonna's the one laying the eggs. She was sitting on one when I got home today. I thought about leaving it with her (your mention of peeping chicks in Dec. was tempting) but I really am not set up to house more chickens this year so I don't want to hatch any out until Spring. I felt guilty taking away her baby!


  3. Too bad you can't reset his clock so he'd crow a bit later...and let you sleep in.

  4. Those silkies are um......the most 'unique' looking silkies i've ever seen. Definetly a face only a mother could love (that also applies to baby pigeons and some adult ones at that LOL)

    They are much prettier in their outdoor group photo than the first photo you put up.

    I was at an exotic animal auction last weekend and SQ silkies were going for 3-4 dollars each. Do you need some MORE?


  5. Thanks but no thanks Garrett! I want to make sure that I can keep THESE four alive before thinking about getting any more. What are "SQ" Silkies???

  6. show quality = SQ.

    Sometimes I just assume everyone knows this stuff before I figure it out..i'm always the last to know! :)



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