Friday, October 05, 2007

LONG Overdue Update...

I'm SORRY! Things have been a bit crazy in the Bluff Country. Even more-so than usual!

The Party was wonderful. My Princess (aka my oldest daughter, Pam) brought the customized cake in the photo. I like chocolate and Pam likes white cake, so she had it made half and half! As Bella promised, in her weather forecast, we had the most beautiful day and it was so fun to spend it with good friends. I missed those of you who could not make it but very much enjoyed spending the day (and evening!) with those who did. We even managed to get some knitting and spinning done. Becca was great about giving us tips on spinning from the locks as she demonstrated on her freshly plucked angora bunny fur. She is an incredibly talented woman. A few of us stayed up spinning and chatting until past my bedtime.

Julie Chapman (I NEED to get a link to your website and blog, Julie!!!) led a group of party-goers over to her place to show them her managerie of fiber producing friends. I stayed home with the spinners (we couldn't TEAR Terry away from her wheel!), so I missed the tour, but did manage to get over to Julie's later in the week and am now enamored of Angora Goats!

Speaking of Julie ~ I just got back from her place (yes, I stopped in the middle of my blog post) and I've decided that I'm going to get three ANGORA GOAT KIDS!!! They are SO beautiful and I'll have lots of mohair to blend with my wonderful Shetland fleeces.

OK ~ this is why I keep not blogging....I've got so much to say that I can't figure out how to get it all into one post! I finally wised up and decided that it doesn't all have to be said in one day. I'll post again, tomorrow, with some of the other things that have been happening (or NOT happening) in the Bluff Country....

DREAM says......"I've been entertaining visitors!"


  1. I sure wish I could have been there. It sounds like everyone had a great time. I think you should make it a yearly event!

    (In fact, I think even my DH may want to come that direction to scope out the possibilities of retiring back to the Midwest area! Yay!)

  2. I wish you could have been here too, Kathy. FWIW, you and your husband are welcome to use my place as a 'home base' if you want to come to the Midwest and scout for retirement living. I highly recommend SW Wisconsin and SE Minnesota!


  3. Gee, thanks, Nancy! I won't tell Skit, 'cause he'd want to visit too. What a ham he is when I get the camera out! Early training, no doubt! ROTFL!!



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