Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bella and the SHEEP (as promised to Dream!) ...

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Hey! I wasn't complaining yesterday. I really wasn't! In spite of everything, I had a wonderful day with my critters! In addition to spending lots of time with those "G" animals (who's name I promised I would NOT mention in this post), I had a blast with Bella and the ewes...In this picture,we had just walked out into the pasture with the girls. All was peaceful and calm. Bella seemed to be counting, to make sure everyone was there...

Then, she decided that she really didn't like the flock quite so spread out. She was particularly uhhappy with the group that insisted on staying close to ME. Apparently, she decided that things would be better if all the ewes stayed up in the far corner of the pasture. So she set about to PUT them there!
Please bear in mind, this seven month old English Shepherd puppy has had NO formal training. Heck ~ she hasn't even had any informal training! None. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Well, OK...I have taught her to "sit". Shetland sheep have a reputation of being rather difficult to herd. Mine have never been herded and several (does that look like DREAM???) resisted Bella's efforts.

Bellamica moved in closer... Before long, and with no aggressive behavior (on BELLA's part!) most of the girls were gathered in the corner. Now, Bella's job was to hold them... Not everyone cooperated! But Bella was persistent.
Flash Flood and several of the ewe lambs tried to make a break for it, while Bella was busy on the other side of the group... When Bella moved in to push them back with the others, Flash let her know ~ in no uncertain terms! ~ that she was not about to be pushed! I'd think twice about pushing this ewe if she was stomping her foot at me!! Bella was NOT intimidated. She WAS, however, smart enough to stay out of Flash's reach! She just circled back around and pushed Flash and the ewe lambs right back in with the flock, where she wanted them!
DREAM says.... "You call THIS a "SHEEP" post??? I've got an about the next time you come out to visit, leave the dog IN THE HOUSE!!!"

Poor Dreamer...


  1. Terry9:57 PM

    Nancy this was great, with a lot of action! It seems to me Bella is marked somewhat similarly overall to Dream, excpet of course Dream isn't Tri-colored. Don't tell Dream, she'll be insulted. And was that my little Godiva in the "rebel" group with her Mom Flash Flood???? No doubt...

    I think Bella is very smart and is going to make herself useful around your farm? (Especially with the goats, Dream...)


  2. Ya know...if you count the reddish-brown, sun bleached tips on Dream's fleece, she COULD be called "tri-colored". ;-)

    It was a so fun, spending the afternoon with the animals. Bella amazes me and yes, that was your little Godiva, in the band of would-be escapees...

    Come see us soon!

  3. Those last two pictures of Bella are really good!

  4. Terry7:55 PM


    Please call or e-mail me with your days off schedule...I have to go to Eau Claire Saturday to visit my mom but might be back by Sunday...

    I do so want to come visit!


  5. Terry ~ I tried to email you but seem to have lost your address! And I can't 'respond' to the comments, via email. So ~ here I am...

    I'm off Friday (though, I do have to take Ben in for an MRI in the morning. I should be home by early afternoon). I picked up some hours on Saturday but will be home, all day, on Sunday. I would love to see you! Should we plan on spinning???

  6. Isn't it amazing how they just know what to do! A couple weeks ago, our sheep kept getting out of the pasture. At first we'd find them in the front yard, then we'd see them across the road in the field. Porter, who is the same age as Bella, was able to bring them back every time, and he only had one big boo-boo. Our sheep have also never been herded, and we also have a ewe who is rather bossy with the dog. Porter has already earned his keep!

  7. You've convinced me; after my bloodhounds have one to their reward, I'm getting a border collie.

    Good work, beautiful Bella (I know that's redundant but it's worth saying twice.)



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