Friday, October 26, 2007

On being depressed....

Katie called this morning! She couldn't talk ~ just had to verify an address for some security clearance paperwork that she was filling out. She said she would be able to call later this afternoon.

The workers have finally started (barely) on my barn and I was excited about being home to watch them work today.

My new ram lamb, "Sheltering Pines Crescent Moon", was supposed to arrive today, from his temporary home in New Jersey.

Katie didn't call back. I stayed off the computer all day so that she'd get through when she called.

The workers never showed up to work on the barn. When I called, the crew chief said he gave the crew the day off for hunting. They'll be here Monday (while I'm at work).

No sign of Moon.

It could have been a REALLY sucky day! But how can one possibly be depressed with THIS in their back yard?: Is it possible for anything to be any CUTER???? How did I ever LIVE without Angora Goats? I swear, I can almost SEE their fleece growing every day! What adorable creatures!And they're every bit as sweet as they are cute!! Thank you, Julie Chapman, for turning me on to these incredible new friends.

DREAM says..... ...."HMMPFT!"

I'm sorry Dreamer ~ tomorrow I'll post the pictures of you girls with BELLA practicing her sheep herding skills. (We had a blast!!) An "ALL SHEEP" (and Bella!) post ~ I PROMISE...!


  1. I was sorry to see that the builders are still giving you fits. Ralph says that most are like that around here, too. :( Do you have any "Attack Sheep" to sic on 'em if they don't show up Monday?

    Sorry you had a stone of a day. Maybe that means diamonds tomorrow.

  2. I've had days like that, when the phone is supposed to ring, the email is supposed to arrive in the inbox, the knock should be heard on the door. Rather than depressed, I get progressively restless/cagey/downright snarly by the end of the day -- and there's nothing you can do about it! So sorry you had one of those, but so glad you have the animals to keep you company. I so much want to get another dog to keep me company, but have to wait at least until we get back from an 8-day trip in November....

  3. The truth is: it wasn't a bad day! In spite of all the things that could have/should have been disappointments, I was thrilled to have heard from Katie and I spent a wonderful day with my animals, since I didn't want to be on the computer, in case Katie called back. Bella and the sheep and the goats had me smiling and feeling like the luckiest woman alive!

    Michelle, my heart goes out to you. I KNOW how difficult it is to say good bye to a dog that has been your best friend and given you unconditional love for years. Only time will ease your pain ~ but I've definitely found that a new animal (of just about ANY species) helps distract you from the sadness in the beginning.

    Sending you cyber hugs...



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