Thursday, October 25, 2007

FALL is in the air....

The leaves are falling. (That's Daisy, checking them out) There's a crisp, coolness in the air, that I have SO longed for. The days are getting shorter, which means I have to pack so much more into limited time. But I love the crisp, cool temperatures!The lambs are almost as big as their moms! That's Dilemma & Diva, above.I let the goats out of their pen and into the back yard today... They helped me clean up the flowers from the summer. ;-) Meredith is becoming my very special friend.. The Angoras even got to go out into the big pasture, for the first time! They loved all the leaves.

My ewes & lambs got turned into fresh pasture. I can't believe how GREEN it still is! Even in the Bluff Country, the grass is usually pretty dried up by this time of year. This will certainly help with the hay being fed this year. Especially since I have a couple extra girls AND three goats to feed now!

Bellamica needs LOTS of exercise! So I cheat and throw her ball or frisbee (or stick, or whatever is handy!) down the hill in the front pasture, so that she has to run up and down the hill to bring it back to me!Needless to say, she LOVES this game and it beats me having to take her for long walks! Not that I wouldn't love to take her for walks, but who has the TIME????...OR the energy?!

DREAM says... "There is a definite lack of sheep pictures here!!!"


  1. Nancy: we are still amazingly green here. We've had a very rainy fall, which has extended my grazing season. We are supposed to have a possibility of snow next week - unbelievable with all the green grass and hardly any leaves have fallen.

  2. It all looks like great fun. I'm glad Meredith has made you her special friend. Elora Dannon, the smallest goat, tags along with me as does Charlotte, our non-fading black ewe. Ruminant (and puppy) love. There is nothing better!

  3. I took down the temporary fence that I had set up in the back yard to give the goats half of the yard. They now have free run of the yard! The dogs are used to them and I love having them wandering about when I go out side....

    I got some great shots of Bella herding the sheep today as well. I post them soon.



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