Monday, October 15, 2007

no Kidding......

I had planned on posting, yesterday, but stayed off the computer, hoping to get a call from my Beautiful Baby Girl. I did receive a letter from her last week and in it she said that hoped to call on Sunday. No such luck. :-(

On the home front... I spent lots of time with the Angoras yesterday and they're becoming a little less timid. I even managed to pet Meredith for a few minutes while she was eating grain out of a pitcher I was holding! The two wethers (McDreamy & McSteamy) are kind of mean to Meredith. They push her away from the hay and/or grain and always stick together. Then again, they also push each other around, quite a bit, and knock heads frequently, so maybe Meredith is better off staying away from them! She calls for me when I go out into the yard and cries when I leave, after sitting with them for a while.
I'm thinking I may keep the goats separate from the sheep. Then I don't have to worry about different minerals (the sheep can't have the copper found in the goats' minerals) or different feeding schedules. Plus the goats need much more frequent worming and parasite control (de-lousing!). This will be a new experience for ME too!
McSTEAMY and McDREAMY say... ..."We don't PICK on her! All we have to do is look at the food and she gets out of the way!"


  1. Hi Nanc,
    The goats AND your sheep need the SAME worming schedule! Remember we discussed the meningele worm problem specific to our neck of the woods. It is from our wonderful friends the white tailed deer. In addition delousing goats is recommended but worming is the same for both.
    Your neighbor who LOVEs ANGORAS too,

  2. We worm at the same time for both the sheep and goats. Also, we use the sheep mineral block for everyone. The lady-who-knows-everything at the feed store recommended this solution and it works fine. Of course, it's up to you but we like ours together.

    Oh, and just like puppies, goats are a little wilder when kids. They'll settle down (but never completely behave, they are goats mind you!)

  3. Oh my gosh, Nancy,
    they are so cute. I've been verrrry curious and interested in Angora goats (and Julie Chapman nudged me that way too, 18 months ago at Lake Elmo). . .
    so I will watch and listen to your experience with great interest.
    Way to go!



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