Monday, October 16, 2006

or is that "reeling"?
I think reeling...

The retreat was great. It was wonderful seeing my sheepie friends again. We spun, and knit and made soap and dyed fiber and ate and drank and talked.... Angie dyed up a storm and Penny made the most wonderful lasagna & pumpkin cheese cake!. What more could a person wish for???? ;-)
Yes, I cheated. I used 'melt and pour'. But I LOVE it!!

Gail brought her new spinning wheel which Russ (Winnie's husband ~ they own the Woodland Cottage) put together and is going to get working for her!

On the way home, my car followed Kim home and ended up bringing two, little kittens home to live with me. This is "Daisy".
And this little doll is "Tiger Lily" (Lily).

What a perfect weekend.

Until I got home.

This is what greeted me. It was lying on the kitchen cupboard when I walked in the door...

Dream says...



  1. OMG! Well, that ruined a perfectly good weekend. I am so sorry. T.

  2. I am sorry to hear this and the manner in which it was presented to you. I, too, am so sorry. Remember that you do have friends who are here for you.

  3. Oh, Nancy-so sorry...

  4. Hey, my friend. Just look after YOU through all of this. And know that I will do what I can to support you ... even though I am likely 12 hours or more away.


  5. Oh Nancy, you know that your friends here in Minnesota will do whatever we can to see you through this difficult time.

  6. Elizabeth B.7:45 AM

    I should probably check with Steve first, but I say that you and the sheep are always welcomed in Michigan.

  7. Nancy-
    I read your blog with such enjoyment, and although we've never met, through the blog I feel "connected" (even more than just through Shetland Sheep). When I saw the note, my heart went out to you, but I also had a swell of admiration for you - to share such a personal moment with anyone who stops by the blog - is a very impressive thing. I hope you can continue to use this forum as your heart needs, and know that at least one woman in New York has her DPN's raised in salute to you...

  8. Benita Buck10:12 AM

    What a horrible and insensitive way to have found out about this. This is something that should have been said face-to-face. I am so sorry to hear this has happened.
    Waving many DPNs your way.

  9. Nancy,
    You know you've got some very good friends who are available to help you get through this and also help with whatever you need.
    Also rmember that you are welcome here anytime you need to get away. Skit says to bring the sheep with you. ;-)
    And you have my number if you ever need to talk - anytime, day or night.

  10. Well, I was just thinking about commenting on your great new kitties when I read the note part and my jaw dropped. What a vile way to tell you this. As Benita says, there`s no other way but face to face for this sort of thing. Creep. He dumps you and then adds (as an aside) that you`ll have to lose your home too?

    I`ve never met you, but I`m still sitting here boiling for you at the injustice of men and the world in general.

    Be strong. Best wishes.

  11. I love reading your blog. The sheep, the travels.....

    How awful to have something like that dumped on you! How awful to not talk and talk and talk from the beginning of difficulty.....

    Sending you good vibes!!!

    -- Vicki in Michigan

  12. Nancy,
    I am so sorry to read this news. Your blog is one of the high points in my day. Please know that I will be thinking of you.
    Keep your chin up and be strong. And of course if they would open that darned border - your sheep would always be welcome to bunk here for
    as long as necessary (especially Dream).

    Tammy W.
    Kalwa Taure Shetlands,

  13. Thank you all so very much! It really does help just knowing that people care.

    Nancy & Dream

  14. Thinking vile (and very un-Christian) thoughts towards Don right now. I WILL say that I hope he finds his "last productive decade or two" of life unsatisfying and guilt-ridden, and that he has grave regrets for his selfishness every day until he dies. Grrrrr....

    Now I will turn my thoughts and prayers to you. You DO have a lot of blessings (and you ARE a blessing to all of us who have met you in person and in cyberspace!), and the devil just hates a person who can praise God in the midst of a storm. I gave a card to a troubled friend recently that had a great quote: "Sometimes God quiets the storm, and sometimes God lets the storm rage and quiets His child." He WILL do one or the other for you!

  15. Oh geez Nancy I just got home and...I'm just horrified. I'm struggling against tears right now. I don't know what to say except I'm so sorry. You are RIGHT to take things one day at a time, the Bible tells us to leave tomorrow's worries for tomorrow. And keep your eyes on God, he will give you strength to get through this!
    Nancy, you have been such a GOOD FRIEND to so so many of us, your GOOD FRIENDS will help in this. You will land on your feet! YOU are strong! YOU are good!

    LOVE Juliann.



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