Monday, October 09, 2006

Silly me....

I went out to take some fall pictures of my flock, after work, this afternoon. Of COURSE I should have realized that my camera batteries would need recharging! I did manage to sneak off three quick photos before they died.....

This one shows the girls as soon as they notice me heading into their pasture. Notice that Rosie and Dream lead the charge. ;-) I love that they've become friends...

Of course, Dream gets the closest and snuggles right in so nobody gets more attention than her. I don't know how she got to be so spoiled!!

I treated Paco's cut above his eye, with Antibiotic spray and screw worm spray. It's healing nicely now that I'm keeping the two big guys apart. I can't wait 'till January! ;-)

Dream says...

...."Mom gave Rosie and I a little treat called lamb creep feed' today. We weren't too crazy about it but nibbled a little, just to be polite. Wouldn't want to hurt Mom's feelings!"


  1. I've been using an alfalfa pellet, no additives, strictly alfalfa except for a touch of molasses, and my girls (and Skit) would stand on their heads to get one as a treat. Skit was delighted that I have a supply of animal cookies, too. :)

  2. Nancy...Check email. :)

  3. Terry7:24 PM


    1. Please tell Dream and Rosie and Rocky that "Auntie Terry" has a huge jar of animal cookies waiting for them.

    2. You have an Italy calendar in the makings! Gorgeous photos!!! So glad the kidney stone passed before you left. Take care of yourself...

    3. Rooster has lovely brown fleece once cleaned up!

    4. I hope posting this comment WORKS this time. I don't think the one I tried to post yesterday made it.


  4. It worked! I'm glad you liked the pictures. The trip was absolutely fabulous! Exhausting ~ but wonderful... ;-)

    Kathy ~ I can't acess my quarentined file until the morning (when they send me the link). I'll check then.

    Expecting SNOW in the Bluff Country tomorrow!!!



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