Friday, October 27, 2006

A Frosty, Friday Morning...

My flock of beautiful, Shetland ewes on a frosty, October morning.

Frost on the fleece of My little Dreamer. That's her beautiful, black/iset, mom "Zodiak" with her...

La Mia Bella Diva

The girls follow me back to the barn...

And of course, the most beautiful, wonderful, magical, mystical, Shetland sheep ever born...ALICE

Not good. I relaxed too soon. I never even looked at the mail, when I brought it in, after work, yesterday. I didn't even think about it until just before I went to bed. I noticed a rather thick envelope, lying on the kitchen table. Yup. Divorce papers. Signed on Monday, Oct. 23. Coward.

I am NOT going to use this blog as a "poor me" pity party, nor will I use it for a "we hate men" or "God will take care of all" (I know he will) podium. What will be will be. I will do what I can to hold on to my animals. My wish is to keep this blog a happy place to go to when you (or I ! ) need a smile.

Your prayers, good thoughts and constructive advice are welcome. If anyone knows of a good divorce lawyer ~ willing to work pro bono ~ that would be a good place to start...

In the mean time, lets enjoy the beautiful day!

Dream says....

"I'm not even going to worry. I KNOW Mom will take care of me!"


  1. Nancy J1:06 PM

    Dear Dream, I know your Mom will take care of you, too. Now we all have to take care of your Mom. A large circle of hugs and snuffles and cookies for all.

  2. We know that all will turn out as it should, Nancy. Just remember that your friend's are here for you if and when you need us! (hug)

    PS: Hope you don't mind, but I copied that beautiful picture of Skittles mom, Alice. I was hoping to get pics of both his parents for my files. Gosh, she is so beautiful! Any takers on her next fleece? (hint, hint)

    Hugs from the AZ mountains.

  3. Have you ever thought of selling some of your pictures to help with your income? You have a great "eye" for composition. (Which reminds me to send you some $$ for a calender IF you have any left)

  4. Sara in WI11:40 PM

    Dear Nancy,
    I've just stopped by your blog after a long spell of not reading much of anything. I'm sorry that you have to go through a divorce. (Been there and then remarried him.) I know....
    I want you to know that in reading October's posts I've learned that you are an optimist and will fare well because of that! It sounds like the animals are your saving grace day to to keep them. And keep on writing.
    Sara in (SW) WI

  5. Thank you Sara ~ I'll keep on writing if you'll keep on reading!




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