Sunday, October 08, 2006


For anyone who is interested, here is the link to a photo album I made of pictures I took in Italy! We had the MOST incredibly wonderful time imaginable. It still doesn't seem real, but looking at the pictures helps...
That's as close as I got to sheep in Italy, but I did promise my dear Dream that I would take pictures of Italian sheep for her so here they are!

Now it's time for me to head outside and rearrange my rams. It seems that Paco and Bravo are continuing to practice their Gladiator skills and Paco's cut above his eye is not getting a chance to heal. I'm going to move him and a couple of ram lambs over to the other side pasture to put some space between the two big boys...
Dream says....

..."Those Italian sheep all look alike! I much prefer the handsome boys in our flock. I'm sure glad that Mom's home..."


  1. Beautiful pics Nancy! What a wonderful trip and even better memories!


  2. What beautiful pictures - I loved looking at your album! That Tuscany is certainly a gorgeous place. Did you get to spend any time in Firenze? It was my favorite spot when I was there, oh, so many years ago, in college.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  3. What great pictures and memories!
    (And I'll bet the sheep are delighted you're home again!)

  4. Nancy,
    Loved the pictures of Rome, the Treve fountain was magnificent. And the views from the horse's back
    was breath-taking!!!
    I'm sure you had a great time.



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