Friday, October 20, 2006

Oct. 20

Don's coming 'home' today.

I'm scared to death. We haven't talked since the letter .

My stomach hurts. I try not to think about things. If I don't think, my tummy doesn't hurt so bad.

I don't want to lose my home.

Or my beloved animals.

I can't imagine my life without them.

They make me smile.

Dream says....

..."I'm scared too Mom".


  1. Thinking good thoughts at you!!!!!

  2. Nancy J2:47 PM

    Prayers for you. There are ways for you to keep all...and he is abandoning you and yours. May your family and close friends help you keep what is essential for you to be you.

  3. Nancy-

    Be strong. You know there are friend aplenty out here who will always have a kind word and a hand for you.

    Now get smart. Get a lawyer. Don't play nice - that's what he expects you to do. He is counting on it; to be able to get what HE wants first - you come second. That much is obvious from the cowardly way he approached this whole thing. He has aready tried to admonish you to "be civil". And how dare he decide that you only have two "productive" decades left? You may very well have 6 decades left to give love...and that's all the productivity anyone needs...

    Remember, DPN's have sharp points at BOTH ends, and still make nice, soft things. Stay sharp.

  4. I just "stumbled" onto your lovely blog. oh my! I am praying for you now this morning. I wish things could work out differently for your marriage, but if they can't, please protect yourself. There are ways to protect yourself without being nasty. I'm glad you have Daisy and Tiger Lily.

  5. I agree with Melanie. This is not the time to be a softie especially considering the manner in which HE instigated this action. He expects you to either be soft about this or in fear of him.
    Get a lawyer...a good and hungry one! You have rights too....

    AND lots of friends to help you.

  6. OK...I'll be the one who asks: Please post so we all know you're OK. :)

  7. Nancy - hope everything went well - but I also agree with Kathy & the others - take care of #1 . T.

  8. Beverley, UK7:03 AM

    Hi Nancy. Sorry to hear things aren't going well. The only time I posted you before was just prior to your Italian trip (lovely pics by the way) I'm a great believer in destiny. Not knowing the background to your situation means I have no judgemental reference point - and only you can assess whether this is likely to be good or bad for you in the long term. As someone else said, please post so we know you're out there. And we'll try our best to keep your spirits up. Best wishes.



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