Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chicken Soup...

I find petting a kitten very much like Chicken Soup for the soul. It soothes and calms me. And when she purrs, my heart smiles...

But my poor little "Lily" is not feeling well. She's got a bad cold. I called the vet ~ was going to take her in for shots and worming ~ but they said they won't treat her while she's sick. She has to tough it out. So I made her chicken soup. Real chicken soup ~ with real chicken and carrots and celery and wide, egg noodles. I figure, she's sneezing and all stuffed up. Even her poor little eyes are mattery. Chicken soup helps me when I have a cold. So, I made her chicken soup. She loves it! I give it to her (and Daisy) twice a day. It really does seem to make her feel better! She doesn't sneeze for several hours after she eats it and will play with Daisy and me.

Look who's finally decided to join the fun...

Don't worry, Mimi is current on her shots, so should be safe from the kittens' cold. Now if only the humans could learn to get along as well as the animals...

Actually, Don and I are talking. Amazingly enough, we're having calm, rational discussions regarding our options. We haven't made any firm decisions but will continue to discuss things, over the weekend, and have some sort of a plan (for what ever we decide) in the next few days. I'm feeling OK.

Dream says...

..."That's all just fine and dandy but Rosie and I are feeling a little NEGLECTED. I don't believe you even came out to see me today! sniff, sniff."

I'm sorry, Dreamer ~ I get off work, early, tomorrow and will be picking up hay for you and all your friends. I promise you lots of hugs tomorrow...


  1. Nancy J8:23 PM

    We all need chicken soup with weather like this -- 50 mph winds and under 40 degrees! Such a good mommy!

  2. Mimi looks like their mother...the colouring is right anyway. A proper little family picture.:-)

    Pleased to hear that things are looking a little more positive with your personal life.

  3. Okay, I hadn`t seen your post about the divorce papers when I wrote the above. Bummer...

  4. I am really surprised that the vet didn't TREAT the kitten with the cold! Mine would have started her on something to prevent secondary infections. Poor Baby!
    Glad to hear your keeping things saner. :)

    Hugs from the Mountains...

  5. Oh, meant to include that if you make chiken soup for cats, don't add onions or onion powder as it can cause problems. For some reason cats do fine with garlic, but not onions. :)
    (Skit's doing fine and dandy! Every morning he bounces over to the gate with a gleem in his eye asking me if today's the day he gets his ladies. :) Aw...two more weeks Skit!)

  6. Terry8:12 PM

    Hi Nancy,

    I tried to give you a call before work this am. Line busy. Will try later. My doings up north kept me very busy last week, but I saw some beautiful hay at a feed store and bought your sheep a couple bales as a present. They are in my car. They smell SO good, but I suppose I cannot keep then in the car forever! When are you working this week? You could pick them up if you are in town...

    The llama combing was short--suffice it to say they were NOT used to such foolish things and resisted plenty, with many trikey manuevers, so we thought it best to quit. I got a little brown llama hair from the male to try. It's kind of in dreadlocks and has plenty of burrs. It's okay, live and learn.

    Gotta love those kitty antics, and I hope she gets over her cold soon and no one else catches it.


  7. Nancy...Check your email. :)

  8. Nancy, both your kittens are just gorgeous. I am looking forward to picking up the first kitten/cat I've chosen in almost 17 years (when we got Ozzie as a kitten)! One of my clients called to see if we knew of anyone who would take a friendly neighborhood stray. Since Ozzie is getting up there and the little tom that adopted us got in his last cat fight this summer, I said I'd take her if only I thought I could get Rick to "fix" her. My client said the neighborhood had already agreed to pitch in for the surgery, so I'm supposed to pick her up from the vet Thursday! Her name is Oreo (black with white trim; my favorite :-) Looking forward to kitty love at Boulderneigh....



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