Monday, February 13, 2012

Paw prints on my Jeep...
And on my HEART!

We've all experienced it.  At least most cat owners have.  Pawprints on their vehicles.  Especially if they're parked in an attached garage.  Don't ya hate that?  (regardless of how filthy dirty said vehicle might be!)  Well, I had an interesting new experience yesterday!  I was working on needle felting and uploading pictures for yesterday's blog post.  I kept hearing a dog whine.  All the dogs were in the house (or so I thought) but had been out a short time ago so I really didn't pay any attention.  The whining persisted.  I finally decided that I'd better check to see what was wrong. 

Bella was sleeping on my bed.  Sable was sleeping on the guest bed.  Cisco was snoozing on the loveseat and Jill was crashed on the couch.  Still the whining persisted.  Where the heck was Hero?  I rechecked every room.  He was nowhere to be found!  As I went into the kitchen so that I could see around the corner of the cupboard, in case he was hiding there, I happened to glance out the window in the door to my garage and what should I see???

"Hi Mom!"

That's right, the big guy who is
supposed to be "taking it easy".

I suspect he got up there because the cat was on the Jeep.
Hero likes to stalk the kitty.
Fortunately, he never hurts her.

The thing is...
Once he got up ON the Jeep,

Hero seems to have remembered the vet's "take it easy" advice and couldn't quite figure out how to get DOWN!

Hence the persistent whining!

Would you believe that I actually had to LIFT the big beast off of my Jeep?  Apparently, Hero is afraid of heights!

Goofy Dog!

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