Saturday, February 18, 2012

With Friends like THIS...


Who the heck needs enemies?

Don't be fooled into thinking that "poor, little Jill" is getting picked on by those big boys!
In fact, she is most often the instigator!
In the photo below, Cisco has run to Hero for protection.
Notice Jill's humble submission to Hero's masculine presence...

Cisco is much braver when Hero 'has his back'!

Have the boys managed to subdue the smaller statured Jill?


This feisty little girl fought back from pneumonia and from blindness ~ she's not going to let a couple of DOGS keep her down!

 Note Hero still protecting Cisco (who's obviously terrified!)

I have so many more photos but I'd better stop.
Nobody will ever be able to download this blogpost!
I think I'll make a SLIDESHOW and post it to my Facebook Page...
That way you can see the 'rest of the story'.
Happy Saturday!

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