Saturday, January 28, 2012

Long time no Blog!

Sorry about that.  Having six (oh yeah, you guys might not even KNOW about the sixth dog ~ I'll get to him in a minute) dogs in my house and running to veterinary appointments, interviewing Foster Family applicants and potential adopters, and trying to keep up the Bluff Country Canine Rescue Facebook page have kept me running as fast as I can and I never quite get to everything that I want or have to do!  I am proud to say, however, I have managed to keep my house clean!  ;-)

Oh yes, before I say anything more about dogs;  I haven't forgotten that I promised a sheep photo on this blog post.  Here ya go:

Tia and Kahlua are quite content being the only two sheep left in the Bluff Country.  Tia especially seems to enjoy 'playing' with the dogs. through the fence.  The girls are getting super fluffy ~ I can't wait to get my hands on their wool.

As I mentioned above, I am now up to SIX dogs in my house.   Last weekend, a HUGE, beautiful stray was brought to my home, after he had spent several weeks hanging around some kind people's house.  The couple had even placed an ad in the local newspaper but no one claimed this handsome boy:

Meet "Jake"

OMG, I am SO in love!
I think that Jake is a Malamute cross (possibly crossed with Rotweiller) and I fell in love with him the very second that I saw him.  He reminds me SO VERY much of my 'heart dog' , "Rocky" .  Rocky was a Husky/Rotweiller cross and he looked almost like Jake, except that he was black and tan where Jake is black and cream.  I just can't explain the feeling that comes over me when I pet and hold Jake.

More dog news.
This time not so good.
Although Jill has finally recovered from her pneumonia, she has lost her vision.  In only a matter of days, she went from perfectly normal vision to none.  I'm afraid the vet confirmed it on Thursday, Jill is completely blind.  Needless to say, this absolutely breaks my heart.  She is such a sweet, playful, young dog who has had enough bad breaks in her short life!

The one thing that keeps this from being devastating for me is Jill herself.  She is not fearful and trembling.  Sure, she walks more slowly now and bumps into lots of things.  But she's already got the lay of my house down pretty well and as you can see in this video, she has not lost her spunk
 one.  little.  bit!

Have a great weekend Everyone and don't forget to follow the fun on the Saturday Pet Blogger!

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