Sunday, February 19, 2012

SIX YEARS...six posts!

Today is the sixth anniversary of my very first blog post.  I've been thinking a lot about what I want to say for today's post and have finally come to the conclusion that there is NO WAY that I can sum up the last six years in one post.  So, I'm going to do SIX posts today!  Yes, I know ~ I haven't been very good about doing ONE post a day and now I'm going to do six?!  Yes I am.
As in all of my blog posts, click on any image and it will 'biggify' so that you can see the details better.  I will also included links that take you back to some of my very favorite posts.  I debated whether I wanted to do a post for each year or posts of six different topics.  I've decided that it will be a combination of the two.
What the heck am I talking about?  I can't "plan" a blog post!  I just start writing and choosing photos and who knows where or when it will end...

Wow!  Skimming over my old blog posts brings back
 all sorts of memories!  
Some good:

(I was told Shetland sheep will eat snow, as opposed to drinking water in the winter.  That is true of my ewes but my wussy rams would trudge through chest-deep snow to get to their heated water bucket!
The wusses ;-)

 This being at attempt to get a GOOD photo of my breeding rams!

The shot I wanted!
 It was on April 30 of 2006 that my beloved "Zodiak" presented me with beautiful, twin, HST (white on the Head, Socks and Tail) ewe lambs.  One of which you all know as "DREAM"!

My beautiful "Bellamica"
And some Not so Good:

It has taken me over THREE HOURS to do this post!  Not because I am enjoying reminiscing over old photos (although I am), but because Blogger keeps messing with the formatting!  When I 'preview' what I have thus far, there are HUGE spaces between text and photos.  I have to go into 'edit html' in order to fix it but then it reverts back to the messed up form anyway!  If it looks right when I preview it now, I'm going to publish and go take my dogs for a walk!

six posts indeed!

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