Sunday, April 30, 2006


As I mentioned last night, Zodiak thrilled me with twin, HST ewe lambs, both black and white. I couldn't have been happier. As you can see, the twin on the right has white, up onto her body. I'll register her as "flecket".
She's close enough to HST to make me smile! Her sister doesn't have full stockings on all four legs, so I'll refer to her as HsT. I love them both and will be keeping one...

I'm calling this little doll: "Bluff Country Make A Wish" (Wish). Although I will leave the option open for her future owners to chose a different name, if they so WISH ;-)

And this is MY baby: "Bluff Country Dream". Dream is a yuglet, Hst. I will be keeping her to add to my breeding program. I'm thinking that by breeding her to an HST ram, we can get four white socks on her offspring. Can you believe I'm already thinking about my BABIES' babies?????


Zaria greeted me, in the rain, at four o'clock this morning with twin, HST ram lambs!!! I almost couldn't believe my eyes! Although everyone was soaked, both boys were cleaned up and had obviously nursed. I put everyone into a warm, dry jug and dipped the boys' navels in iodine, then headed for work...

Meet "Bluff Country Crescendo" a black & white, yuglet, Hst (only two white socks and a white tip to his tail) and

"Bluff Country Grand Finale" ~ moorit & white (Flecket?) HST. These boys, especially Finale, seemed to have inherited their dam's incredible fleece. Both of these ram lambs, as well as Zodiak's girls are sired by Bluff Country Apocalypse (Paco) ~ my moorit & white, HST ram. Needless to say, we're quite happy with Paco.... ;-)
"Bluff Country Grand Finale"


  1. I was wondering where the girls were. And such pretty, flashy ones, too!

  2. How do you ever make the hard decisions? I would want to keep them all. The HST's are very eye catching - they would probably be my first choice when ram shopping. Good thing I have to show a little restraint this next year...

  3. Now's the time to take a deep breath, relax, and heft a glass to all your dreams and energies, Nancy....they are coming to fruition before your very eyes! :) I can only hope that someday, I too, will experience the wonderfullness of my "Sheep Dreams" and goals coming true. You are blessed! (And your DH is great to give you moral support and to help you realize your goals.)

    Kathy L. in the High Country

  4. Grand Finale is so cute! He looks like he is wearing a little blanket!

    Congratulations on the beautiful lambs!



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