Monday, May 01, 2006


It's the first of the month so I'm showing the May page for my 2007 "REAL sheep wear SHETLAND wool" 2007 Calendar. It features my beautiful Alice. It's kind of nice to take a breather from LAMBS! ;-)

I just came in from checking on all my girls and their babies. I can't believe we've got 20 lambs! They're every where! Running and jumping and chasing and bouncing and baaaing....sheer chaos! NOW I remember what I love about the last few weeks before lambing....the QUIET.

I have to admit: I look out the window or walk out into the pasture and am SO proud. What a beautiful bunch of babies. And everyone's healthy. I am SO blessed. There's absolutely no denying, my eye is always drawn to the HST marked lambs. Those white Heads, Socks and Tails really stand out in the crowd. To see them flashing about the pasture as the lamb races commence or the little white tails flicking back and forth when a lamb nurses always makes me smile.

Of course, the little darlin's will be growing webbed feet if it doesn't stop raining soon! Back to the babies tomorrow...


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  2. All the work you put into you sheep shows. All the love, care and attention shows in each and every lamb. You should have your DH give you a pat on the back - 'cause you've certainly earned it!

    I wish I had your lush grass here. Send your rain my way, will ya? :)



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