Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To ROO or not to roo........?

Here's a prime example of a Shetland Ewe (Bluff Country Zest) desperately in need of rooing (plucking of her fleece). Zest was shorn in March but this is the wool that was left on her at shearing. She has gone through the "rise" and now this old, dead fleece is ready to come off. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to want to come off in one nice big piece, as seen HERE. I can pluck off small sections at a time. But Zest doesn't really LIKE me to do it. So I'll have to tie her up if I want to get it all. I may just give it a try. She looks like a SWAMP CREATURE the way she is now!

This is Zest's stunning 2006 son (sired by Windswept Bravo),"Bluff Country Trinity". Trinity is an awesome ram lamb with outstanding conformation, dense, soft, intermediate fleece and he looks like he's going to have very wide-swept horns like his sire. Trinity possesses the potential to be a dynamic, HsT, flock sire.


  1. I think that Ami is having the same problem as Zest. It is starting right under her ears. I pulled off a small part of it yesterday. It will be interesting to see how much more comes off. However, she is just as gorgeous as she always was and doesn't look like a swamp monster.

  2. Trinity is beautiful. I would try to buy him in a second from you if I could. He makes me want to just sunggle him up. A very nice little ram.

  3. Zest looks like she's actually enjoying all the attention! "A little lower to the right, please!" :)



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