Saturday, May 27, 2006

Da Boyz...

Sharrie asked about horns on the ram lambs. Unfortunately, there really is no guaranteed way to tell if a ram's horns will turn out correctly. We do the best we can by only breeding rams with excellent horns ~ very widely spaced, symmetrical and wide sweeping. Most of our ram lambs develop similar horns. But not all. For that reason, I do put a "horn guarantee" on all ram lambs that I sell. If his horns should develop in an unacceptable or life-threatening manner, I will replace him with a ram of equal value.

This is one of Kit Kat's twins (sired by Paco), "Bluff Country Hershey". He is maturing into a VERY handsome and correct ram lamb! His horns are nicely spaced and sweeping back & out in a very positive manner. This guy's conformation is excellent and his fleece is super fine and soft! He's for sale... ;-)

This is Hershey's twin brother, "Nestle". Not really a great 'horn shot' but I love the way this picture shows off his outstanding body! Both of these boys have incredibly soft fleece and outstanding conformation.

This handsome lad is "Black Diamond". He's out of Flash Flood and sired by Bravo. He has really caught my eye this week as he's becoming quite refined looking. Super dense fleece and a solid body on this guy. Flock sire quality and carries HST spotting genetics!

Savanna & Zorro's son, "Kokomo" is looking VERY nice. What a SOLID ram lamb! His horns are just beginning to sprout but are looking good as they are extremely widely spaced. Koke is a very striking ram lamb with extremely soft fleece.

Here's "Bluff Country Paradox" (Doc). Doc is one of Alice & Zorro's triplets. He is incredible. Great fleece, great conformation, solid body, horns look good, perfect tail ~ that impeccable rear end that Alice always puts on her lambs and I am having a blast watching his COLOR. I'll do a whole post about Doc, one day soon...

"Dream" says: I don't know what all this fuss about the boy's horns is. I'm MUCH prettier...

I'll post the rest of the boys, later today. I have to go to work! (I'm working today, tomorrow AND Monday!) Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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