Thursday, May 18, 2006

Let the Sun Shine!!!

Finally! The sun is shining in the Bluff Country. A perfect day to "play hooky". I stayed home from work today (not feeling well). Spent most of the day sitting out with the ewes and lambs. I sure do love my sheep. There is nothing quite as relaxing and soothing as sitting on the ground and petting the sheep gathered around. I especially love it when they lie down next to me.

The lambs seemed to enjoy the sunny weather. They ran and jumped and played. Here's a shot of "Finale", soaking up some rays...Is that a picture of contentment, or WHAT??? Yeah, I noticed; he does have a bit of a belly on him :-)

We have a cement, bench in "Rocky's Pasture" that the lambs love to climb on. The adult sheep love to use it as a scratching post! Here Crescendo is giving his mom, "Zaria" a back rub!

And Zanex's daughter "Dusty Rose" poses like royalty on top of the bench.

I enjoyed my day with the lambs. Tomorrow, I have to work and am picking up my son, right after work and driving to St. Paul, MN., to see the TIM MC GRAW & FAITH HILL Concert! We'll be back on Saturday....Have a happy weekend!


  1. Oh, to be in lush green grass like you have! Will Mr. Skittles be able to transition? Maybe with extra love and animal crackers! ;)

  2. Are you feeling better? I hope so!



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