Friday, May 05, 2006

Disaster averted...

I am so disappointed. I spent HOURS out with the ewes and lambs, this afternoon and evening, taking LOTS of pictures for on here. Just came in ~ VERY cold ~ and uploaded the pictures to my computer. 61 of them. Then deleted them. Off the computer AND off the camera card. Of course, I'm sure that THE most precious photograph ever taken of a Shetland sheep or lamb was among those photos. I'll try again tomorrow...(the sacrifices I make!) ;-)

In the meantime: I just discovered that my friend Bill Stearman, in Canada, has also started a blog. Bill has an awesome flock of Shetland sheep and his partner, Gene, is an incredibly talented artist and outstanding photographer, so I think you'll get your daily fix of sheepy pictures by visiting "Word...from Willow Garden" Tell them "Hi" for me!


  1. Nancy, have you checked your recycle bin?

  2. And emails? (Ha, ha! Tried a different approach to see if it got through)

    I guess when something like that happens, you just have to try it again. Sosmetimes I wonder if this digital age really IS better for us.

  3. Thank goodness it was a camera disaster, not a sheepish disaster!

    I was scared, for a minute there....



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