Saturday, May 27, 2006

More bouncing, baby boys (that would be RAM LAMBS!)...

"Bluff Country Rock Star" is the son of Sheltering Pines Diva and Zorro. His fleece is awesome! Very tightly crimped and fine. Rocky's horns are just beginning to sprout but they are very widely spaced (four fingers apart!). A VERY striking ram lamb.

"Bluff Country Trinity" (Zest X Bravo) is a big, solid, beautifully put together ram lamb with great looking horns (like his sire) and dense, soft fleece. Nice straight legs, level back, great shoulders and chest and a very nice tail make this guy a very nice, HST, flock sire candidate.

"Bluff Country Hero" is one of Alice and Zorro's 2006 triplets. Hero has flawless conformation, gorgeous fleece, carries HST spotting genetics and being a triplet sure doesn't hurt! ;-) Hero is a great prospect for someone who would like to show their Shetland ram...

Another beautiful ram lamb, who's been a bit overlooked because of all the flashy spotted boys, is: "Bluff Country Rhinestone Cowboy" (Zanex X Paco). Cowboy is a full brother to last year's moorit & white HST ram lamb "Paladin" ~ now at Kimberwood Shetlands. Cowboy is a very refined ram lamb with excellent conformation and beautiful, black fleece. He carries HST spotting genetics on both sides of his pedigree and WILL produce HST lambs, bred to the right girls.....

Speaking of flashy, spotted ram lambs..."Bluff Country Crescendo" is more handsome than ever! His fleece is thick and wavy & his conformation is excellent. Great flock sire potential. Not too mention: he's cute as a bug and will have STRIPED HORNS (one of my favorites!).

Last, but certainly not least, we have: "Bluff Country Grand Finale". Twin brother to Crescendo, Finale has super fine, crimpy fleece like his mom. His tail is a bit on the long side (although not as long as it appears in this picture ~ it's got about an inch of fluff on the end!) but within breed standards. Finale is a friendly, but respectful ram lamb with nice conformation and his horns will also be striped!

...Dream says: "I just can't make up my mind which one of these boys I like best!"

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