Monday, May 08, 2006

Lot's of things...

First of all, some of my babies coming in for cuddling:
It was raining when I got out of work today, but the sun came out shortly after I got home. I opened up fresh pasture for the girls and lambs. I just came back in from 'rescuing' "Premonition" (Phoebe's REAL daughter). She'd managed to get through the fence to the other side of the pasture. She obviously learned her lesson about electric fences in the process because as much as she wanted back by her mom, she was NOT about to go back through that fence! I opened the gate and Premo happily rushed to mom for a bit of comfort.

Thanks to Bill Stearman of Willow Garden Shetlands, for his opinion regarding the color of Alice's son, "Hero". I'm posting a couple of photos of Hero's brother, "Paradox" (Doc) because I'm not sure on his color either. Both of these boys were born solid color (aside from a splash of white on the head, which is typical of Zorro lambs). No sign of sugar lips. No lighter wool in the ears, armpits or scrotum.
This is what I discovered when I parted my Buddy's wool while he was laying with his head on my lap this afternoon...Doc's fleece looks lighter at the roots than the ends! It is especially noticeable on his shoulders and chest. I also noticed the bottom half of his scrotum appears lighter, as does the underside of his tail (which was NOT lighter before). I'm wondering if this is typical of mioget or fawn fading? Alice is registered as Fawn, but I've always considered her Musket. I'll never understand all the Shetland colors. And if I DO....someone will change them!
Now THIS I understand! Kokomo's getting big!! He is a moorit & white, HST ram lamb. He is filling in wonderfully and I'm VERY pleased with how he's shaping up. Excellent chest and shoulders on this guy as well as nice topline and legs. He's going to make somebody an excellent flock sire. And my little "Dream" is growing like a weed too.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get some photos of Premonition (I was shocked at how BEAUTIFUL she is!) and the other lambs ~ who have NOT been getting their fair share of attention... ;-)

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your babies with us.

    I had no idea that any sheep liked petting (let alone cuddling!) until I found your blog and saw your pics. What a bunch of sweeties!



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