Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's a lamb's life....

I got the mowing done I'm too tired to post! I hope you don't mind lots of pictures today ~ oh, to be a lamb in the Bluff Country...

This is Zanex's ram lamb: "Bluff Country Rhinestone Cowboy"

Grand Finale playing 'tether ball'




Alice & her triplets...


  1. Your HST lambs sure stand out in a crowd! :)

  2. I don't say it enough (mostly b/c I read w/ bloglines, and that doesn't get me the comment link unless I open the blog itself -- but it still gives me the pictures and text... and I'm lazy)
    where was I?
    Oh, yeah, I don't say it enough, but I LOVE seeing your lambs each day. Lots of THOSE pictures are marvelous.

    And though I know your ulterior motive is to lure me into sheep ownership, it won't work. I am strong. I can resist your evil temptations. (Okay, so it's only b/c the Home Owners' Asssociation that came with my house is emphatic about NO livestock, and wont' recognize sheep as pets.)

  3. Yes, Oh to be a lamb in Bluff Country - It must be so fun to sit and watch those little critters frolic - how can you ever let any of them go? Oh, and your place just looks so lush & beautiful right now. How hard is it to go to work in the a.m.? XOX Tina



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