Tuesday, May 02, 2006


We had a day without rain! I got off work early and got the mowing done, fenced the side pasture for the ewes and lambs and had time to sit with my babies! What a wonderful day. Of course now, I'm exhausted and sunburned, but wouldn't trade it for anything ;-)
It was wonderful to sit out and pet the lambs today. Many of them are already becoming very friendly. It won't be long and they'll all be obnoxious. I let the biggest bunch of ewes and lambs into the side pasture today and let Zaria, Zanex & Zodiak and their six lambs into the big pasture. I'll put everyone back where they were tonight. I want to give Zaria & Zodiak another day or two with their lambs before putting them in with the big mob. My GOODNESS, 19 lambs makes for a lot of sheep!

Here's my little "Dream" ~ now 3 days old. She's the only one that I know for absolutely, positively that I am going to keep. I'm considering a couple of others (BELLA!!) but am really committed to cutting back. In fact, I decided today that I WILL sell: Skittles (black/krunet ram ~ sire of Apocalypse *Paco*), Phoebe (white ewe ~ show winner with awesome fleece, Zanex (black/iset ewe ~ dam to an HST ram lamb) and KitKat (yes, Kim, you get first dibbs). More about that later....it makes me sad and I don't want to think about it right now....


  1. I'm sad about Skittles (I love his color and look) and Phoebe! :( Boo-hoo! I wish I lived closer and it were easier to get them. We could have a Skittles herd in the SW. :)

    But mostly...I'm glad you got some time with the babies! Is that cool or what?



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