Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I won't quit my day job......

It took me over an hour. I'm sure I didn't do it "right". But Zest is sheared! By HAND!! By ME!!! I finally took pity on the poor girl and cut off the matted fleece that was left on her from shearing, in March. Here's a before picture...Trinity stuck close to make sure I wasn't hurting his mom (and sneak and occasional sip of milk!)

I began by rooing off what wool I could over Zest's rump and neck. I was surprised by how LITTLE would come off easily. So, I cut a line down the middle of her back....see how solid the fleece is?!

It was a VERY slow process. Zest's fleece was really 'stuck' to her body. She didn't like it when I'd pull up on the fleece to get the blade of the shears under it to cut it! I had to be careful so I wouldn't cut her. That was my first priority...NO NICKS!!

Here's my beautiful lady, AFTER SHEARING (by hand ~ by ME!) ;-) Isn't she beautiful? I know that she is MUCH more comfortable...


  1. Nancy-
    Whatever way works, works! I'm sure Zest is more comfortable and from the pictures, you did a much better job that I did when I sheared my first sheep with my grandmother's Wiss sewing scissors!

  2. LOL I have 2 shiht'zus who I left in long coats for 8 years. I sheared them myself this spring too. They are on my bLOG "somewhere" LOL. Anyway I can relate tot his nervewracking process. it's almost shearing time again at my house though!



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