Thursday, June 01, 2006

'Tis the Season.....

.............for HALTER LESSONS!

"FINALE" demonstrates the "first position" most lambs assume during their first halter lesson. Actually, he did quite well and didn't freak out until all the other lambs mobbed us looking for cookies!

Finale also mastered the "second position" very quickly... ;-)

Standing on all four feet is PROGRESS!

What's that??? You have COOKIES??????

I would rate halter lesson # 1 a complete success!

"she better not put one of those on ME!"


  1. Looks remarkably like leash training a dog! What cuties!

  2. Looks like your babies have been taking lessons from those Nigerian Fainting Goats. I laughed so hard.

    It's a good thing you are a long ways away - John is totally in love with your little fellows.

    Good luck with the halter training! Tina & John



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