Saturday, June 17, 2006

My poor babies....

"Glitter" and "Doc" stick close to mom (Alice) after getting their first CDT shot. (kind of like a newborn baby's first 'well-baby' shots). Of course, brother, "Hero" is off grazing with the other lambs. Alice's triplets are as big as any of the twins or singles out of the other ewes. She always gives me SUCH beautiful babies...

Actually, thanks to the help of my DH and our "no rush" attitude, giving shots was pretty non-traumatic this year. We sat in the barn with a fan blowing on us and gave the shots as the lambs came up to be petted. The few shy ones remaining (Rosie, Lacy & Crescendo) were easy to catch because we were in a small area with lots of other sheep. As their mom's came close for petting (and the babies stuck close to mom) I was able to grab them without having to chase anyone around. MUCH easier on lambs and me!!!"Bella" (above) and her brother "Trinity" (below) both volunteered many times to get shots. I was thrilled with how soft and dense Trinity's fleece is. I guess I haven't handled him in a while. If he's still around, I think we'll be showing this guy this fall...
Dream says...... "Really ~ it didn't even HURT! But don't tell mom, I'm milking this for a while...."


  1. Refresh my old are the lambs now? I'm about ready to give mine their shots as well...just want to make sure they adjust to AZ first. :)
    You certainly do have a fine crop of lambs there, Mrs. K! (And I can hardly wait to see Skittles crop here next year!)

  2. Hey there! The babes are about 8 weeks old now. I give the first shot now and the booster at 12 weeks. Have you updated your blog????

  3. Yes...but I can't keep up with you! :)



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