Saturday, June 03, 2006

Poor Sadie....

This poor, dear creature is my "Silly Sadie".

Sadie is (supposedly) a Treeing Walker Coon Hound. She is my sweetie. Unfortunately, Sadie had a growth on her front leg that had to be removed. Hence, the Elizabethan collar. Needless to say, Sadie is NOT a very happy dog...
Sadie just had her surgery yesterday and has to wear the collar for 2 weeks. None of us got much sleep last night. Sadie cried. She's getting two different kinds of pain pills but the vet said she'd be pretty sore for a couple of days. I'm just praying that the growth was not cancerous. But Sade and I have agreed on a course of action if it is. She's been there for me through a lot in my life. I'll be there for her. And I WON'T let her suffer...


"Did you notice that even the DOG is HST????"


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  2. So How is sadie doing. I enjoy your BLOG. Glad I have found it.



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